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The School opened in 1946, in huts on Marlborough Common, to serve the Town and Villages of the upper Kennet Valley. In 1965 the School moved to a purpose built School in Chopping Knife Lane to the South East of the Town. This site is dedicated to all those who went to the "Common" and endured and enjoyed life in the Huts.
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To help us find information about former teachers at the Common we need christian names and surnames. Do you remember your favourite teachers full name?
If you do please email us with the details of those teachers you remember.
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The site receives many enquiries asking for help to track down ex classmates, unfortunately some of them have passed away. With the help of Mick Eyles we have tracked down obituaries published in local papers.
Obits & The Commoner
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Interesting article about Brian Hamely art master on the Common from the Archives of the Swindon Adver



Eveyone one in Form 3a 1959 now indentified

MSM Form Photos

If you have not stopped by the site lately lots of new material to look at.
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